Using The Services Of A San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer After A Car Accident

san antonio personal injury law

Working with a San Antonio personal injury lawyer can help you quickly deal with an insurance claim after an accident. Perhaps more importantly, it can also help ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurance company.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. That means that they do everything in their power to try to pay out as little as possible on claims. People who file a claim without a lawyer often wind up getting taken advantage of, getting much less money for their claim than they deserve.

In some cases, insurance companies can also jerk people around, delaying payment for as long as possible. This can be bad news if you are dealing with an injury, that needs to be addressed right away. From medical care to missed work, there are many expenses associated with accident-related injuries. If you have to wait for a long time for the insurance company to pay out, these expenses can quickly become overwhelming.

When you work with a lawyer for an injury case in San Antonio, on the other hand, insurance companies are much less likely to try to take advantage of you. They will usually work to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Your lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf to try to get you more money.

If you have sustained serious injuries that could result in a long-term disability, it is especially important to hire a good lawyer. They can help ensure that you get enough money to cover your financial needs going forward.

A serious injury can totally disrupt your life, making it impossible to do many of the things that you used to do. In a lot of cases, your injury may limit your ability to work. A lawyer can help ensure that you have enough money coming in to keep you from falling into financial ruin as a result of your injuries.

Hiring an Injury Lawyer San Antonio , 4907 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218 210-646-9100, after a car accident is almost always a good idea if you or someone in your vehicle was injured in the accident. You need to make sure that the insurance company is treating you fairly. When they see that you are working with a lawyer, they are far less likely to try to get one over on you. With a good lawyer working on your behalf, your chances of getting a fair settlement dramatically improve.

Of course, when dealing with legal issues, it is important to choose a lawyer who really knows what they are doing. Make sure that you hire someone that specializes in personal injury law. A lawyer who has previous experience with cases similar to your own can be a real asset when it comes to getting the money that you deserve.

When you meet with a prospective lawyer, be sure to clearly outline the details of your case. This will help them determine how best to approach the insurance company. The more information they have, the more likely they are to be able to successfully argue for a larger settlement on your behalf.

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Negligence & Devastation – Truck Accidents In Mississippi

People injured in a truck accident in Jackson Mississippi

When you view the devastation that is left behind at the scene where truck accidents have occurred, remember that you are only seeing a small portion of the effect that these truck accidents have. The skid marks on the pavement from those 18 wheels, along with the blackened, burned spot on the I-220, I-20 or I-55 near Jackson Mississippi, only tell part of the story.

The rest of the story may be a father and mother who are sitting home alone tonight, mourning the loss of their precious little daughter who would have been celebrating her third birthday. Or the rest of the story could be a family of five, who is now a family of four, after the father of the family was mangled in his small pickup truck when a tractor trailer plowed into him from behind.

In either of these two settings, those families can never have the life back that they once had. They will spend every holiday from now on missing their loved one who was taken from them prematurely. Unfortunately, their deceased loved one is not the only loss that these families will suffer.

Massive hospital debt has likely been accrued in both of the cases, for which these families may not have had adequate insurance coverage. Add to that the added expense of a funeral and burial plot. Also take into consideration the fact that the family of four is now facing a future with no bread-winner. To get that family onto a more solid footing, they should definitely contact a truck accident lawyer.

Truck accident lawyers are experienced in dealing with all of the aspects that can be encountered when it becomes necessary to “face-down” a company who has allowed a truck driver with several DWI/DUI convictions to continue to drive. A professional truck accident attorney with the ability to pinpoint areas of negligence will be able to properly handle the case for the family who lost their baby girl, so that family can pay off the huge hospital bill they were left owing.

In a big rig accident, negligence can take many forms. Some of the main forms are: drug use, aggressive driving, DWI/DUI, driver fatigue, poor maintenance of equipment, unsecured loads, and rear-end collisions.

When you consider that the loaded weight of a tractor trailer truck can reach 80,000 pounds, the realization sets in that we are talking about a massive machine weighing 40 tons rolling down the highway. Imagine that huge, rolling machine being controlled by a person with illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. The concentration and decision-making skills necessary to safely operate a commercial truck must be in a heightened state, not dulled down or diluted by a person’s addiction.

If your family has suffered the devastation that truck accidents bring, you need to know that a Diaz Law Firm personal injury lawyer can help you pick up the pieces that are lying shattered on the ground. You need the assistance of a truck accident attorney who will hold the trucking company accountable for your loss.

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US Child Custody Laws – Knowledge is Power

Child custody laws are federal and state laws that govern a parent’s authority to make decisions about the children and maintain physical control of the children. They also include visitation rights of the non-custodial parent.

custody of child papers

These laws exist to help provide structure in the relationships between children and divorced parents. The best thing parents can do is agree when it comes to the children and share custody. But when the parents cannot get along, they tend to put the children in the middle of all of it. That is another reason why there are custody laws. Child custody laws can also apply to unmarried parents, when they are claiming a biological relationship to the child, or when the grandparents question the competency of the parents. In some cases the custody is given to people that are not related to the children, i.e. foster parents.

Child custody battles are complicated because of the different state and federal laws on sensitive issue. It would be so much easier if we had national child custody laws that applied in every state. Then everyone involved in a custody battle would have access to information that applied to them no matter where they lived.

Understanding Divorce Law

There are so many websites that offer you an easy divorce if you decide to handle it yourself and download their state-tailored documents. In a significant number of cases, the procedure is as easy as they promise, especially if the couple has few assets and the dissolution agreements are relatively straightforward. And yet you can still encounter some surprising and potentially costly difficulties if you decide to forego an attorney, especially if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the divorce law in your state.


Some of the problems you might come across will have less to do with the law than with fundamental mistakes, but the court might not make that distinction, or make allowances for your non-professional status. Many courts are required to treat you the same way they’d deal with a professional attorney, and make the assumption that you know the same laws they do.

So what’s the upshot if you make an error in your documents, or aren’t informed about all the papers you’re required to file and therefore miss a deadline, or if you don’t handle the issues in a way that sets the judge’s mind at ease? You might wind up with a detrimental ruling, or the judge could demand that you find an attorney after all.

Divorce and property issues are likely to cause the most complications, however, even if you and your spouse are agreed on how things will be divided. You may have worked out how you’ll sell the family home and divide the proceeds, for example, and not realize that the IRS could take a large chunk of the earnings you expected to be available for future expenses. This is the sort of divorce law you might not discover until too late, whereas an attorney trained in these matters might have explained it to you.

The more complicated your property or custody arrangements are, the more divorce law you will need to understand to be sure you’re handling the proceedings correctly. At some point, things may get so complex that you will recognize you can’t continue through the divorce process without the help of a lawyer. But whether your situation is simple or very involved, if you’re going to try to accomplish your divorce without legal help, then you will need to do thorough research to avoid unexpected problems.

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Introduction to US Business Laws

A sole proprietor is governed by business law as is a large corporation, with the fundamental difference being the level of complexity. However, even the small family-owned business must to be aware of basic tax requirements, and should at least be satisfied as to why incorporation may or may not be in their best interest. For competent advice on these matters, a corporate business law attorney should be consulted. Certainly, if you are planning to purchase (or sell) a business, or you’d like to explore the possibility of growth by amalgamation and the likely reorganization that would occur, it would be time to retain a lawyer.

Business law

Business laws vary from state to state, so your first step in finding an attorney is to search within your state. If you are planning a merger of two companies, each incorporated in their home states, it is sometimes possible to find an attorney who is licensed to practice in both. However, start your online search with your home state

If you wish to obtain very specific legal advice on shareholders agreements or limited partnerships, for instance, then instead of the above “Washington Business Attorney” search term, you can simply replace “business attorney” with “limited partnerships law”. However, as long as the search is for lawyers licensed to practice in your state, you can drill down at a later point, perhaps by locating law firms in your city and then finding out what their experience and expertise is.

corporate business lawCorporate business law covers many areas of operation in addition to those already mentioned. Financing is obviously an important area where you should be guided by legal and accounting experts, while franchises, distributorships and lease agreements are also normal business activities where an attorney should be present. Even something as standardized as the maintenance of corporate records, a mandatory activity, may be better managed by a law firm, especially as there are usually designated clerks who are trained to do this task for hundreds of companies.

Certainly an experienced corporate business attorney should be pro-active and look to potential future actions and consequences. For example, a good lawyer should be able to reorganize the capital structure of your business so that, if you sell, the tax structure is such that it benefits you.

Still think a family-operated business doesn’t really need legal advice? Maybe succession planning is beyond your ken. If so, go in for a consult. It may be very much worth your while.

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